How We Began

We performed our first massage more than a decade ago and have done more than a million massages since. It started with a bunch of regular folks craving “shiok” massages. The most legit one being an Olympic swimmer, who had a “real” reason to relieve muscle tension and heal injuries as he was bearing the weight of a gold medal on his shoulders. Good massages were few and far between back then, thus we studied the intricacies of good therapy, built unique protocols into our training of passionate people and burdened ourselves for the national good of providing superb massages. 

Our mission is to provide the best treatments for wellness and beauty. 

The customers flowed through the doors and some have not left since (we love you!). At the same time, our Olympian was suffering from sun-damaged skin and needed serious facial remedy. We applied the same development formula, did rigorous research and testing (no animals were harmed during this process, only the Olympian was), and introduced a comprehensive range of customized treatments. Our philosophy is to only offer professional grade products (containing the best technology and ingredients in optimum concentrations) combined with cutting edge technology in skincare machines to treat and solve skin problems. Our Olympian, till today has maintained his youthful appearance and is still can be the poster boy of the spa. 

The founders remain active in the business to stay at the forefront of the beauty and wellness industry. We adopt a holistic approach, and have since added on weight management, nutrition and detox/diet programs, chiropractic and TCM inspired therapy into our extensive list of wellness treatments. 

As time passed, we kept increasing our number of rooms to cater for the demand, what started as 4 rooms is now almost 100 rooms. Through the years, there were great days and tough times, but we weathered them all because we had an excellent team, and customers that kept us going. We invest our time and energy to bring the best treatments because we strongly believe in the wellness business. We do what we do because we love it. Our therapists have a way of turning frowns upside down….they got the science behind that. But all we do is not just about making people feel good; it is also about doing their bodies and soul some good too. Our services are all thoughtfully designed, we first think of what the customer can benefit from, then we go about creating the services and hunting down the best products and technologies to support the vision. 

We also try to give back to society. Sometimes you will find our staff at soup kitchens helping out, and it is just our way of appreciating our blessings. 

Our brand story? It is a team of people dedicated to making others happy and improving clients’ health and wellness through the power of technology, products, ancient healing traditions and the magic of touch.