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BEATX fitness sessions = Sweat. Our founders created the original Hybrid Rebounding at BBOUNCE Studio and kept evolving to create classes that switch things up. We do that because we want results for you. Our classes sculpt every muscle, burn major calories and sometimes help you get in touch with your inner badass! With new routines, your body keeps learning, burning, evolving and you stay sharp.

Our characteristic intensity ‘shocks’ your body and makes sure things do not get boring and your body keeps burning calories. Our bodies adapt to routines quickly and start reaching plateaus, aka it no longer burn calories the same way. Hence, BEATX was created to help you beat your own limits.

  • I’ve been going to BEATX for about half a year and really enjoy the workouts especially Hybrid Rebounding. Upbeat music, energetic instructors, youthful crowd, and a good burn at the end of every class – what more can you ask for! Two thumbs up from me guys. Looking forward to returning soon.

    Samantha G (Google)

  • Really enjoy this BEATX’s workouts, always effective and leaves me tired but feeling accomplished! Instructors are always very professional yet motivational and friendly.

    Olivia Leow (Facebook)

  • A great boutique studio that is well equipped. Professional instructors with great personalities. The support staff are friendly and wonderful too!

    Melvin Pao (Google)

  • I used to dread going to gyms but Beatx has made working out so much more bearable! The classes are fun, effective and rewarding. The instructors ensure everyone is at ease, whilst engaging us in a great workout every single time. Just a couple of classes got me coming back for more – and it has been almost 6 months since! Highly recommended if you’d like to try something different!

    Lee Shen (Facebook)

  • The instructors are all fun loving and encouraging. Every session will let you sweat it out with a sense of satisfaction. There are a variety of programmes and levels to suit your fitness and liking!

    Xiulu Chua (Google)

  • BeatX studio is where there are lots of fantastic trainers who are highly motivated and willing to correct postures and correct techniques. Awesome place to workout. Have tried mostly their rebounding BeatX lite class and hybrid rebounding. Highly recommend to try out their lessons!

    Jia Sheng Ng (Google)

  • Love their classes and everyone is so friendly around here, from the instructors to the front desk staff. Definitely recommend that you give them a try if you haven’t.

    Adelaide Ang (Facebook)


BEATX Studio
20 Cecil Street #06-03
Singapore 049705

Tel: 6535 3572
WhatsApp: 9151 0178