Yu is the 愉 in 愉悦 [ yúyuè ] which means joyful and delighted.

The special character of ‘愉’ consists of a Heart. At Yú, we believe a healthy and happy heart equates to great health. A strong heart ensures good blood circulation flow which is vital for overall well-being.

The Heart as a gathering place where consciousness, mind, Qi or all the vital energy, feelings and emotions of the body are processed. While the Heart knows everything, it should not be attached to negative emotions like stress which is a silent killer that causes numerous chronic conditions, pains and health issues. The Heart’s ultimate function is to remain tranquil and happy amidst our hectic and demanding lifestyle and it is at its healthiest state when it is peaceful and worry-free.

Yú is designed to provide our guests a unique space for personal rejuvenation and renewal; an urban retreat where one could immerse in a deep sense of pleasure and peace.

Spa Facilities

Soak yourself in the warm, bubbly water that soothes your overworked muscles, improves circulation and promotes overall relaxation. Followed by a whole-body thermotherapy in our sauna that helps to reduce stress and improve overall wellness.

What Others Are Saying

The best spa experience I’ve been to, so far The place is clean and the environment is very relaxing . The refreshments made me feel full 😂 for there’s a lot of delish choices!

The masseur is well experienced and very friendly. I love that there’s no hard selling of packages.

Thanks to Fiona , the manager, for ensuring that customers had a great experience! The experience exceeded my expectations!

Highly recommended! It’s a great place to have some spa bonding with friends and family.

Irene Irn (Facebook)

Great massage with a nice CBD view! Love the spa the most. The place was kept really clean and the service was top notch!

Jacqueline Khoo (Google)

Love this spa!! Therapist did a great job with the deep tissue massage. The jacuzzi was excellent and facilities top notch. Very rejuvenating and refreshing 💖

Nayela Deeba (Facebook)


Yú by Spa Infinity
20 Cecil Street
#06-07, PLUS
Singapore 049705

Tel: 6970 0098
WhatsApp: 9390 3812
Email: yu@spainfinity.com.sg